Milroy my home town

Milroy is a quaint unincorporated community in southern Rush County. It is close to Indianapolis, Cincinnati as well as Brookville Lake and the Ohio River. Milroy is basically a community of farmers and farm related business. There is a small very specific grocery store along with a drive in type of breakfast and lunch crowd. A local restaurant is also available and serves great food. Harcourt Outlines is a local industry that makes school supplies. There are also two seed companies as well as an auger supplier for the farm trade. Milroy stands at the cross road of State Road 244 (Main Street) and State Road 3. The community has the tranquility of a rural area along with the handy amenities of a large town Indianapolis. There are many interesting close by attractions such as a two span covered bridge. This particular bridge was destroyed by a tornado a few years ago and has been faithfully reproduced using as much of the old bridge as possible. So think about a visit to the Moscow Covered Bridge.

Bill W’s Corner

Milroy is a very special community. The people in general are friendly and helpful. Our new school is great and the teachers are truly interested in the students. We have a rural atmosphere yet are close to Indianapolis or Cincinnati and all of their fun times. The Amish community is healthy and really interesting to those not fully aware of how they live. We have friendly restaurants and other companies in our area. An Amish store with all kinds of interesting things and a great Deli is close by. Our community is served by a volunteer fire and ambulance service that is Township supported. All in all Milroy is a great place to live and even better place to bring up your children. Come visit us and see for yourself.

Bill Ward