About Milroy and Rush County

Rush County is optimally located approximately halfway between the metropolitan centers of Indianapolis and Cincinnati , offering quick access to each of these metropolitan centers. Rush County sits 40 miles southeast of Indianapolis and 65 miles northwest of Cincinnati . Business and industry can conveniently transport products via Interstate 74 or Interstate 70 with a Rush County location. Interstate 70 runs alongside the county's northern border, while Interstate 74 is just a few minutes' drive to the south or to the west. Indiana is well known as the “Crossroads of America” and U.S.52, State Road 3 and State Road 44 provide an Indiana Crossroads in Rush county allowing access in every direction. Excellent railroad transportation opportunities are also available.

Milroy offers a small town family lifestyle with great access to urban amenities. There's plenty of room to grow inMilroy. Residents take pride in the fact that we are a close-knit community that works well and has fun together too. Town officials as well as the business community work together for the progress of the entire area. Prime land has been set aside for development. Educational and lifelong learning opportunities are readily available and valued here.


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